Pozzolana Cement Production Line

Pozzolana Cement Production Line

Ball Mill for Cement Plant

Ball mill is primarily utilized for cement plant grinding of crushed goods and raw supplies, extensively utilized in metallurgy, chemical, electric power and other industrial and mining enterprises, can grinding a variety of ores along with other grindable supplies. Ball mill may be utilized for open circuit grinding, also applies for the composition on the powder circulation circuit grinding. Cement ball mill has a sturdy adaptability of supplies, has the qualities of continuous production, huge crushing ratio, good fineness in the product. It's capable of dry course of action or wet method production, may also simultaneously the grinding course of action with drying operations.

Ball mill for cement plant features

1 Ordinary ball mill for cement plant: largely for ordinary cement mill circuit grinding system, that is characterized by higher grinding efficiency, mill yield, decrease power consumption, in particular for grinding the slag cement, the performance is extra prominent. General mill output could be elevated 15-20%, about 10% reduce energy consumption, also, reduce solution temperature 20-40 ℃, item fineness can also be simple to adjust.

2 High-yielding fine ball mill for cement plant: high-fine cement ball mill is mainly employed in open circuit grinding system. Qualities are its program equipment along with the process is very simple, low investment, the plant covers significantly less; the mill structure employing sophisticated particular compartment within the separator device, finely grind chamber increased an activation device, a devoted end mill discharge grate board, to minimize the size in the grinding media in grinding chamber, considerably strengthen the grinding efficiency and accomplish high output, low power consumption purposes.

Ball mill for cement plant structures

Ball mill is created up by the feeding component, discharging aspect, turning component and driving component (reducer, small rotating gears, motors, electrical manage) as well as other major components. Hollow shaft make use of the cast steel, lined parts can replace, castings slewing gear hobbing machining, cylinder covered with wear-resistant lining, has a superior resistance to put on. The machine is smooth running trustworthy.

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