Ball Mill Development Prospect

Ball Mill Development Prospect

Selection principles of the ball mill: what are the factors affecting the ball mill output.

Ball mill processing capabilities with the following factors: the ore grindability; the feed mine size and the final product particle size; grinding machine type and size matching, the shape and the size of liner matching; grinding media size, physical and mechanical properties, matching ratio; mill speed, medium filling rate and pulp filling rate; grinding concentration; grading machine type and its working system.

Since many factors affect ball mill processing capacity, and the variation is large, there is no accurate calculation of what total processing capacity of the theoretical formula. In the concentrator design, ball mill processing capacity is generally based on experiments determined empirically. Ball mill processing capacity commonly used volumetric method or method of calculating power worked out.

There are some types of ball mill, how to choose the right one, here we will make a detailed presentation, you can be compare based on the fact that you have then find out what kind of the ball mill will work best for you.

Selection principles of the ball mill: how to choose the ball mill.

1. Rod mill used for coarse grinding, grinding mineral granularity mostly 1 ~ 3mm, re-election plant can be 0.5mm. If the size too small, the grinding efficiency will decreased significantly. Since grinding rod mill movement, rod mill diameter is generally not more than ф4500mm, grinding rod length should not be greater than 6000mm. Rod mill and ball joint operations, rod mill and ball mill ratio should be 1:2.

2. Lattice-type ball mill used for rough grinding, generally used for single-stage or two-stage grinding when grinding in the first paragraph. Closed-circuit operation, the grinding fineness is generally 50% ~ 70%-0.074mm. Grinding machine equipped with spiral classifier.

3. Overflow ball mill can be used for a period of grinding, this grinding mill can also be used for second or intermediate products regrinding. Currently it is used for second or intermediate products regrinding jobs, grading equipment generally accompanied by a hydrocyclone. When grinding mill used for the first paragraph, sometimes it will equipped with spiral classifier. Large ball mill (generally greater than ф4000mm), multi-use overflow ball mill and hydrocyclone consisting grinding circuit, not only simplifies the mill structure, but also easy maintenance and overhaul.

Selection principles of the ball mill: some notes to select a device.

In the automatic mill, SAG mill and pebble mill selection, pay special attention to whether the ore has a good self- grinding media, available self-determination for determination of ore grinding media index, and data processing to determine whether you have a good grinding media, decide if you need a custom mill, pilot-plant test of semi-autogenous grinding and pebble mill. Semi-industrial test using empirical formulas for autogenous grinding machine, semi-autogenous mill and gravel grinder type selection calculation.

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