Asphalt Crusher For Sale

Asphalt Crusher For Sale

Polishing of Asphalt

Polishing of asphalt pavements is an obstacle faced regularly on the roads of Lebanon. This behavior of the pavement causes its skid resistance to be reduced, knowing that the lower the skid resistance value, the higher the percentage of the traffic accidents especially during the winter season.

The following report presents a project carried out in the Highway materials and Construction course taken at AUB for a better understanding of the effect polishing and wet conditions have on skid resistance.

A concise literature review on skid-resistance, polishing causes and polishing experimentation is conducted followed by a detection of the main experimental concerns.

Following the literature review, laboratory experiments of which results are clearly presented are carried out in the Civil Engineering department soils and materials labs at AUB.

Finally, an analysis of the results and possible improvement methods and precautions to avoid polishing of asphalt pavements are proposed.


During the entire life cycle of a pavement, highway agencies are expected to monitor and maintain an adequate surface roughness to facilitate friction between car tires and pavement surface.

Polishing is a smooth slippery surface caused by repeated wear on the pavement due to traffic and even heavy pedestrian load on parking lot pavements. This behavior of the pavement will cause its skid resistance to be reduced. For high-speed pavements this can be a serious surface distress, while on most parking facilities, the distress is negligible.

Our transportation problems in Lebanon are not only caused by the huge demand for transportation services but also by the distresses or damages the pavements experience without any appropriate maintenance.

A better understanding of asphalt pavements polishing behavior helps in a better perceptive on how to avoid this problem or solve it.

Asphalt Crusher For Sale

As China's bread-and-butter development, the accretion cardinal of alley construction, the best accepted is the city road, this alley is accepted to be congenital into alley city actual mineral materials. Such anchorage accept almost collapsed road, beneath dust, waterproof, abiding and so on, which accept been broadly acclimated in the architecture of alley basement in the country. But afterwards a continued rolling road's asperous abnormality will occur, so problems such as alley aliment and recycling in advanced of people, and today we can say is Altercation For Recycling City Pavement problem.

Asphalt pavement actual decay for recycling can not alone save costs but additionally to acknowledge to civic alarm on green. Spring occasion, Zhengzhou sized alley adjustment works will abide to start. Unlike in the past, this year Repairing Project will be bright from the behest phase, decay recycled city pavement actual charge be affected to serve a accretion afterwards the defined altitude point registration, engineering of its pavement milling and adjustment will be recognized. These recycled pavement material, will focus on the processing of recycled city hot or algid recycled city pavement material. In addition, the architecture appearance of alley architecture projects will be based on the bulk of decay recycled and affection requirements of alley pavement materials, accurate alignment which uses recycled city pavement anatomy pavement material, and actuate the appliance of the all-embracing admeasurement of “recycled actual "In Europe and America countries, the appliance of decay recycled city pavement actual is about aloft 80 %, some countries accept abutting to 100 percent" amenable being said Liu Hao.

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