Artificial sand making machine

Artificial sand making machine

Artificial sand generating machine

Generally, the manufactured sand along with the mixed sand belong towards the artificial sand. And by artificial sand, we mean the manufactured sand.

The manufactured sand production line consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand creating machine, vibrating screen and belt conveyor. We are able to put facilities of diverse sorts together in accordance with the needs of many processes so as to meet the particular demands of our consumers.

Manufactured sand making production line

Manufactured sand producing production line can help produce materials, aggregates and artificial sand from hard limestone, granite stone, basalt, gneiss, river stone, cobble stone and smelting slag. All these products are widely used in the construction of hydrolic power plant, high-speed rail, building material, highway, urban infrustructure, artificial sceneries and flood dam.

Technological Process of Sand Aggregate Production Line

First, the vibrating feeder will send stone materials evenly towards the coarse crusher for primary crushing. Then the materials will be transported by belt conveyor for the impact crusher for secondary crushing. After the process, the stone materials will go to the vibrating screen for screening. Materials whose size meets the requirement will be sent for the storage area of finished product while the unqualified materials will go back for the impact crusher for another round of crushing. This process is a closed-circuit cycle. We mix and grade the materials in accordance with our client's requirement. We can offer dust-removers to minimize environmental pollution.

Features and advantages of machinery sand production line

The production line enjoys a high degree of automation with low running cost, high reduction rate, energy conservancy, less pollution and easy maintenance. The sand produced by the production line has the homogeneous and excellent size as well as reasonable graduation.

Sand generating machine:

The sand making machine crushes stones by stones, ensuring that the crushed materials are fine shaped and formed. The finished products can be directly used to produce high strength concrete due to its perfect gradation. Sand produced by the machine will raise the strength of concrete and reduce the amount of cement needed for concrete.

The sand making machine crushes materials into cubic or spherical shape. The fine shaped material is the perfect choice for natural sand replacement as well as the production of silicate cement concrete.
The vertical impact crusher enjoys incomparable operation performance no matter it's for medium crushing, fine crushing, super-fine crushing or reshaping.

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