Gold Ore Processing Plant

Gold Ore Processing Plant

Gold ore dressing processing

Gold ore dressing processing could be the procedure that separating, enriching and extracting the uranium from uranium ore or ore with uranium, to get uranium items in diverse types. The uranium ore dressing techniques mostly consist of chemical mineral processing and physical mineral processing.

Uranium ore

There are about hundreds of species of uranium ores. The uranium ores with industrial significance primarily are pitchblende and uranatemnite. The secondary ones are autunite, carnotite, uranotile, coffinite and brannerite. In uranium ore stones, the industrial varieties are granite kind, volcanic kind, sandstone sort, carbon silicon mudstone sort, sedimentary rock sort and quartz conglomerate variety. In the world, the principle generating areas of uranium are Canada, the United states, FomerSovietUnion, Australia, South Africa, Namibia, the Niger and France.

Uranium Ore Method flows

The uranium ore dressing methods mainly consist of chemical mineral processing and physical mineral processing. For uranium polymetallic sulfide ore, bulk concentrates need to be chosen at first, then leached and separated at final. The other system is the fact that: by means of flotation, the single metal concentrates need to be selected out and then leached respectively. Based on the nature with the solution in the slot, acid leaching or alkali leaching is utilized to extract uranium, or after processing, components of the tailings are abandoned. For uranium iron boron mine, the processing is the fact that: magnetic separation--gravity separation--classification. The iron, uranium and boron is often recycled respectively with a high recovery rate. For instance, the uranium concentrate, which consists of uranium 0.15%~0.20%, is leached by 10.5% acid and also the leaching rate is as high as 98.5%.

Physical mineral processing

Before hydrometallurgical processing, some uranium ores must be processed by physical mineral processing. Physical mineral processing has 3 functions:

(1)Improving the uranium grade of ores and abandoning a part of the tailings. Inside the uranium ore physical mineral processing, radioactive chosen gains accomplishment. The flow of radioactive selected is normally two parts of separation: the very first portion is the fact that the extracted ores are sent to the radioactive checkpoints by mining vehicle or truck to obtain chosen, then the wealthy ores are sent to hydrometallurgical plant plus the barren rocks are utilized as filling supplies; the second portion is that the middling goods inside the radioactive checkpoints are sent to radioactive sorting plant and after crushing, screening and washing, come into the radioactive sorter to be divided into concentrates and abandoned tailings. The contemporary radioactive sorter can take care of the ores which size ranges from 20mm to160mm. To enhance the uranium grade of ores, person factory will also make use of other physical mineral processing: dense media separation can abandon some tailings; following crushed, the lean ores in fine grain kind or poor minerals is often concentrated by floatation; the uranium mineral with magnetism, might be concentrated by magnetic separation.

(two)Dividing the raw ores into groups, then each and every group will likely be processed by hydrometallurgical processing. There are lots of components in some uranium ores, which include elements and sulfide. If the acid leaching or alkali leaching is utilized straight, the reagent consumption is high and the uranium extraction rate is low. On the contrary, when the flotation is utilized for dividing the raw ores into groups after which every single group is processed by hydrometallurgical processing, the reagent consumption is going to be decreased and the uranium extraction rate are going to be increased.

(3)Recovering the helpful components synthetically. Recovering the beneficial elements synthetically, including the uranium, gold and pyrite within the quartz pebbles or conglomerate ores which are gold-uranium symbiotic. The recovery order is: gold, uranium and pyrite; or uranium, gold and pyrite; or pyrite is out by flotation, then the uranuim and gold are extracted in the concentrates and tailings.

Chemical mineral processing

The standard processing technologies is that the uranium is leached out from the ore stones initially. You'll find acid leaching and alkali leaching. The acid leaching is appropriate for the silicic acid salt ore which contains significantly less acid consumption mineral. The alkali leaching is appropriate for the uranium ore with extra carbonate minerals. As a way to strengthen the leaching process, the hot pressing leaching strategy is frequently utilized in alkali leaching. When the sulfide ore content in the uranium ore or dressing products is higher, the pressing leaching approach is typically utilised. The concentrated acid maturation leaching approach can also be one of many intensification leaching techniques. Dump leaching is suitable for processing the low grade uranium ore and goaf that function with well permeability or tiny ore physique that is definitely rather far away from the hydrometallurgical plant.

After solid-liquid separation or clay sand separation, sand washing, the acid leaching ore pulp becomes the clear liquid and ore pulp medium, where the uranium is often extracted and enriched from. For the ore with low uranium grade, it's better to pick clear liquid adsorption or ore pulp adsorption. The saturated resin goes via the deabsorption so that the qualified desorption liquid may be got and right after chemical precipitation, the uranium chemical concentrates is developed. For the ore with higher uranium grade, it is superior to opt for clear liquid extraction or ore pulp extraction. Following extraction, reextraction is adopted to generate the nuclear pure or high purity uranium merchandise in the saturated organic phase. Initial resin absorption, then certified liquid goes through the desorption and extraction. This drench gathers process options very good adaptability and can get nuclear pure merchandise.

After solid-liquid separation and washing, the alkali leaching ore pulp becomes the clear liquid. Through chemical precipitation, chemical concentrates may be got in the clear liquid. Through clear liquid adsorption and desorption liquid precipitation, higher purity chemical concentrates is usually produced. Clear liquid quaternary ammonium salt extraction--reverse extraction crystallization can also be utilized to get nuclear pure products. The other strategy is employing sulfuric acid acidification at first then the products go through acid process processing. For the the hydrometallurgical plant that uses each acid leaching and alkali leaching, acid and alkali mixed flow is more suitable.

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