Chrome Ore Processing Plant

Chrome Ore Processing Plant

Chrome ore beneficiation process

Gravity concentration is usually employed in roughing separation of Chrome ores. And inside the concentrating of ores, we generally adopt gravity concentration, flotation, electromagnetic separation or dressing-metallurgy combining course of action. Ore washer and effective ore grinder and grader are also utilized to boost the fineness of ores.

Techniques for processing Chrome ore

Generally, within the very first step, we adopt gravity concentration to dispose of most gangue minerals to obtain low grade mixed ores. Inside the course of action of concentrating ores, the separation is often very challenging because of the difficult composition of your mixture that includes many sorts of useful minerals. There are several strategies to process Chrome ores, which includes gravity concentration, flotation, electromagnetic separation or dressing-metallurgy combining method. We are able to utilize one particular or additional of those methods to separate the minerals.

Technological procedure of Chromes ore beneficiation

Roughing separation:

We primarily use gravity concentrators for roughing separation of Chrome ores. And flotator is adopted only to process fine slimes by way of many simple procedures.

Chrome ore processing plant has powerful grinding and grading machines to safeguard the ores from sliming. Typically the rod mill and vibrating screen are operated together within a closed circuit for ore processing. For example,a ball mill is developed to perform using a horizontal vibrating screen(linear screen) within a closed circuit to screen 2.five mm sized particles. A high frequency vibrating fine screen is installed beneath the screen, which grades particles by 0.2mm. And -2.5+0.2mm sized particles will likely be processed by spiral concentrator, and tailings will probably be returned for further grinding immediately after being dewatered by sieve bend.The ball mill grinds ores in two closed circuits.With suitable adjustments, the loop bears a load rate of around 180% inside the cycle.Overgrinding is likely to enhance when there's decrease load inside the cycle.

In the very first closed circuit, we use a rod mill operating collectively having a screen in an effort to stay away from overgrinding. Inside the second closed circuit, we adopt a ball mill operating having a high frequency vibrating fine screen. The design and style will not only place particle size below strict handle, but also improve the processing capability, hence improving grinding efficiency. Roughing separation of ores shall be completed in one gravity concentrating method.Gravity concentrators include GL spiral concentrator, spiral chute and table.


Generally, ores obtained just after the roughing separation process belong to mixed ores, and need to be concentrated so as to separate those beneficial minerals in the mixture. We are able to dispose of strong magnetic minerals and iron scraps by means of low-intensity magnetic separation. Then we dry the ores and divide them into three grades, namely +0.2, +0.1 and -0.1mm. Right after roughing separation and scavenging procedure by means of the dry high-intensity magnetic separator, we will get Chrome ore concentrate.

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