Calcined dolomite production line

Calcined dolomite production line

Calcined dolomite magnesium production equipment

1. Introduction of magnesium production equipment

We are leading manufacturer of complete equipment for magnesium production line. We have done many successful projects in both China and overseas countries. POSCO is world class iron and steel supplier in Korea. Their magnesium alloy production lines are supplied by us. We can provide plant design, equipment/spare parts supply, consultation and technical service for dolomite & magnesite calcination.

- More than 50 years experience in magnesium production equipment .

- Design capacity of single production line: 5,000-25,000 tons per year.

- Professional Process Design Engineers, Equipment Engineers, Electrical Engineers.

- Leading supplier of magnesium production line, and over 90% market share.

2.Process description of magnesium production equipment

Transported by inclined Belt Conveyor, the fine crushed dolomites will be sent to the Hopper on the top of Preheater and then discharged into Preheater by feeding chute. The high temperature gas from rotary kiln can preheat the dolomites to 800℃. Some of the dolomites can dissociate after preheating. After this process, the dolomites are push out by hydraulic push-rod and get into the Rotary Kiln for calcination with 1100-1250℃ through transfer slide. After calcination, all the materials are discharged into Cooler for cooling to less than 100℃ and then discharge to next process for grinding.

Advantage of Calcined dolomite production line

Our company's magnesium production equipment at home and abroad in lead industry, we have signed an annual of 100000 tons of magnesium metal project with the world iron and steel giant Korean Pohang iron POSCO company.

The company equipment use the latest technology, the operation process is simple, and the company also provide hands-on training.

We produce products with high quality, durable, welcomed by the majority of users.

Application wide,The company can according to the customer demand design various types of production equipment, the products can operations in all sorts of conditions.

Our magnesium production line equipment has high product quality, simple production process and other advantages, welcome customers to order.

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