Application of jaw crusher

Application of jaw crusher

Coarse aggregate (stone) classification: pebble, gravel. Creating pebbles and gravels new national common makes the classification, specification, type and use clear. Both the creating pebbles and gravels have three categories, that are utilized concrete in each and every level(Significantly less than C30 level or more than C60 level). For alkali aggregate problems of sand and stone, the new common all make provisions.

1、Harmful impurities: clay, silt, fine powder, sulfate, sulfide and organic impurity, that are in compliance with regulations.

2、The particle shape and surface features: Gravels have rough surface and air voids plus the gravels can bond using the cement in a properly condition, but the workability is just not so very good. Pebbles bond together with the cement within a terrible condition however the mixture workability is very properly. The coarse aggregate whose width and length and height are almost similar is definitely the most suitable material. Needle-shape or sheet-shape grains under tension are quickly broken, that will increase voidage, in order that the workability will be bad. for these reasons, the supplies selection is quite important.

3、Maximum size and particle grading
If the grain size is enhanced, the certain surface area are going to be decreased so the cement quantity may also be decreased. Because of this, the grain size ought to be significant as substantially as possible. However the size really should not be too big for the size is restricted by measurement and reinforcement so the grains with large size (more than 40mm) isn't so good. Maximum grain size must not be more than 1/4 in the minimum side length of structure section and not be greater than 3/4 of the rebar smallest interval. For strong sheet, the grain size can reach the 1/2 of your plate thickness but ought to not be much more that 50mm.

Zenith Machinery crusher device

Crusher and sand producing machine can form the sand making line. When stone crushing, the key crushing device primarily is crusher and adjustment is usually performed as outlined by the particle size of supplies.

Zenith Machinery crusher devices mostly conclude jaw crusher, influence crusher, hammer crusher and cone crusher, and so on. The coarse aggregate is the crushed aggregate whose grain size is much more that four.75mm, referred to as aggregated rock. The typical employed aggregates are gravels and pebbles, gravels will be the organic rocks or rocks that come through mechanical crushing and screening, whose grain size is over 4.75mm. Pebbles are formed by natural weathering, water flow handling and separation and accumulation along with the grain size can also be greater than 4.75mm. Zenith Machinery crusher devices can create the constructing pebbles and gravels, which can meet technical needs with the national regular GB/T 14685-2001 << "building pebbles and gravels" >>. The choice range of materials is very wide. Ordinary ores might be processed by corresponding processing equipments. Finished products can meet the demands and can employed for buildings.

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